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Jackson Solidbody Acoustic Guitar Made in USA?

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    Originally posted by straycat View Post
    Vass nailed it so there we go.
    I added your quote because we were trying to help you.But you think our help is just a silly comparison? JCF isn't harmony central.
    Cort made guitars under lots of different brand names as did Matsumoko so you may find that headstock shape on another guitar.
    Yours looks like someone removed the headstock overlay and put a Jackson logo on it
    No, I did not think the people who were trying to help were silly, but people who thinks the headstock looks like a Vantage headstock, that is a silly comparison, don't you think?


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      Originally posted by CowboyFromHell View Post
      I believe the OP's point was if you think it's something, show why, like some did later in the thread. Otherwise, hell, it might as well be a wild guess for all he knows. I think he got the point that it wasn't a Jackson early on.
      Thank you for the thoughtful analysis, I don't mind skepticism, I just don't care much for dumb ass, shoot from the hip opinions, but to be honest, I came in expecting some, so I shouldn't lash out, there are a few in every crowd. Thanks again to those who actually were trying to help, I did learn something, it's DEFF not a Vantage . Just givin' ya some shit Stray, it does kinda, sorta, resemble a Vantage headstock, ...maybe a little.
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        Too bad its not an old Vantage, that would be a step above a Cort.......