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Jackson finally working with WMI?

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  • Jackson finally working with WMI?

    Was quite surprised to see this on the back of the new Dinky Ash. As far as I can tell all those Dinky Ash models are made in Korea, by WMI, I figure. Interesting that all the special finishes are going to new/different suppliers. Just as all those crackle finish Soloists are made in China not by Weibo but someone else (serial CYJ).
    Glad to see this is a three-piece neck versus the usual one-piece scarf joint stuff.

    Not sure if they are deliberately mismatching the body halves though. This just looks awful:

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    I like the idea of Jackson using producing guitars in Korea. Isn't some of the new Charvels produced there as well? The factory produces great guitars, so I wouldn't mind.


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      Didn't look at Charvel, but yeah, same thing, their ash two-tone bodies are also Korean.


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        Normally, World Musical Instrument Co. Ltd. uses a simple W in front of a string of numbers with the first two digits representing the year of manufacture. Three letters like KWJ doesn't seem like a serial number format normally used by them and so my hunch is that it's not them. However, if someone can provide irrefutable proof, I will eat my words.


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          FMCI has all its suppliers use its serial number format and the "Crafted in..." text.

          Some more research shows that WMI is indeed shipping electric guitars to FMIC.


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            excellent news! I might have to reconsider J/C imports in the future now