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Pro-Mods are now made in Korea?

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  • Pro-Mods are now made in Korea?

    I saw this listing on Reverb for a new 2020 model:

    I'm surprised to see "Made in Korea" on the neck-plate, instead of the usual "Made in Mexico". I wonder... is this a one-off or does it mean that all Pro-Mods are being produced in Korea now?

    The Pro-Mod Series continues upon Charvel?s storied legacy of innovative excellence in high-performance guitar design, offering the latest technology and

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    If I remember correctly, Jackson is working with WMI now.

    But, the truth is...
    THAT is a scary looking neck plate.

    When was the last time the San Dimas address was used?


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      A related topic about Jacksons being made in Korea: I imagine this extends to Charvel too.


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        I watched part of Ola Englund's April 15 live stream (linked below) and he unpacked a Charvel Angel Vivaldi model ( At 33:40 he reveals that the guitar was made in Korea, suspecting like some of us that Jackson/Charvel is having World Musical Instruments Co. Ltd. build Korean guitars for them.

        Here is a link to a Reverb ad with an Angel Vivaldi guitar and the back of the headstock does have the same KWC (KWJ if Jackson) serial number format we're now expecting out of Korean Jacksons and Charvels. Part of me still feels that these guitars are NOT made by World, because this serial number format is NOT one that they have used with other brands, and the wording on the back of the headstock on other World brands (such as LTD or PRS) is very different, but I continue to maintain an open mind.