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WR1 Warrior "Speed Neck" profile

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  • WR1 Warrior "Speed Neck" profile

    So I've been wondering about the neck profile of Warrior (WR1 or Custom Select), which should be the same as the Kelly and KV. Okay, we all know the Speed Neck is 0.015" thinner than the Soloist neck. But, besides the thickness, how does the actual cross-sectional profile compare to, say the Soloist neck? the thinner Dinky neck? an '80s San Dimas neck (if such a representative can even be said to exist)? a WRMG neck?

    I've read that the Speed Neck is flatter than standard. I've also read that it's "blockier" which to me seems to describe more of a "D shape" which is how I would characterize the neck on the WRMG I had some number of years ago - shoulders which were not rounded very much and made the neck seem bigger and wider than it actually was. I didn't like the WRMG neck at all, probably for the same reason I don't like the Ibanez Wizard necks. Is the USA Speed Neck anything like that? Unfortunately many of us do not have the opportunity to try out the USA models without ordering one.


    also, has anyone ever seen a Warrior with an unslanted single coil pickup in the neck position? either an HS or HSS configuration. the Custom Select form lets you put in single coils for the neck and/or middle position, and I'm trying to decide if that would look cool or retarded, and if the CS would sign off on it.
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    I think CS sign off will be your biggest challenge.

    I have a custom select order in right now. Heard from the Jackson rep this week and he said that my order had been “released” before the covid lockdown and would ship when the custom shop reopened, probably sometime in July.

    He then said: “custom shop orders and timelines are a mess. It will probably be that way for a long time. You are lucky yours was released before the shutdown”.

    I could see them being picky about what they accept. If they accept anything at all. They are going to be a mess when they reopen.