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    Thanks for your responses.

    In answer to your questions;

    No, there was no paperwork, just the guitar, no case. It was one of those literally last minute eBay buys at 8pm on a Sunday evening. When I saw the price, I thought, "I have got to have that". I hadn't even been watching it. My bid was so late that initially I thought I had missed it.

    The Charvel logo on the headstock is printed, not inlaid nor painted. The logo is slightly raised, but I guess that this is the transfer/decal. it then looks as if it was covered with a clear cellulose finish. To my uneducated eye, it looks like a very professional job, which leads me to conclude it is original.

    It does look like a similar finish to the Jackson branded JJ, without, the non-standard (Japanese?) neck, the cock-eyed machine heads and the bevelled top.

    I can't imagine that anyone would want to replace the original Scott Ian/Jackson branding, since this would surely devalue the guitar?

    There is no evidence of the guitar being re-finned. If you look at the side and rear shots, it looks original to me.

    I discovered that this guitar originally appeared on (UK) eBay in 2013 and included the following, "I bought this from Guitar Center in the USA and was told it was from an artists collection hence it having the custom dice inlay..." As far as I am concerned, the conundrum is not the dice inlay, it is the headstock!

    I think that this is a one off. I suppose the question is, is it a custom build or a prototype?

    I really do appreciate your inputs.


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      Originally posted by Number Of The Priest View Post

      No thanks to guys like me who incessantly post on this forum oblivious to its death spiral. 😅

      Not that I was ever what I consider a contributor, mainly because I came to learn. But me taking "that job" lessened my ability to be here. Then, of course, the website changes - I don't want to be here. Now the lawsuit(s), I don't know what I am permitted to say beyond the most basic minimal answers.