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    Never did find the original neck but found this pic yesterday in my archive — from summer of 2001

    You can see the damage I did to the original neck at the high frets. Damn shame!


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      I’m planning a Holdsworth-inspired tribute build to replace my white 1985 Charvel that got stolen. It was a mutt, a Jackson Strathead neck with ebony board and Sperzel locking tuners on a rear-routed 85 Charvel Kahler body that I ran with an HSH pickguard. I had placed a block of wood in the Kahler route, mounted a Strat hardtail plate and (as I recall) foolishly drilled the body for string-through! Ah, to be young and irresponsible again.

      In any case, this thread has given me some renewed inspiration to replace this guitar and a Holdsworth-inspired build would come close to (but much better than) what I originally had! The above neck specs sound very close to my old Jackson ebony strathead neck. I may go with a Gotoh Floyd or Gotoh 510 plus Tusq nut and locking tuners to complete my modern take on the Holdsworth model
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