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    Were there catalog ads/scans for the Japanese Pro-Mods? Or even a complete list of colors available? Were the Japanese ones made in batches like the USA ones?

    Tonight I'm seeing an early (non-recessed OFR, DiMarzio pickups) Japanese So-Cal in red, but I can't tell whether it's Ferrari Red, Candy Red, or (as the seller lists it) Candy Apple Red.

    Just searching Google Images for "charvel so-cal ferrari red" and "charvel so-cal candy red" shows me Japanese So-Cals with non-recessed OFR and DiMarzio pickups. So my assumption is the one I'm seeing tonight is either Ferrari Red or Candy Red.

    Searching "charvel so-cal candy apple red" shows recessed OFRs and Seymour Duncans (Mexican So-Cal hardware). So likely not Candy Apple Red.

    There's a Rocket Red, but I think that's Mexican because I see later features like the recessed OFR and 2016 truss rod spokewheel.

    Below is another catalog image I found, though I can't tell if it's USA or early Japan.

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      Originally posted by Number Of The Priest View Post
      Were there catalog ads/scans for the Japanese Pro-Mods?
      The 2012 catalog is on the current Charvel site, it shows the candy red SoCal and San Dimas models:


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        guirat to the rescue once again! Thank you!


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          This thread, previously very useful due to its rich image content, is now useless thanks to Photobucket's greed (

          Goodbye catalog images.


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            Batch 1 - July (?) 2008

            Batch 2 - October 2008

            Batch 3 - January 2009

            Batch 4 - April 2009

            Batch 5 - July 2009

            Batch 6 - October 2009

            Batch 7 - January 2010

            Batch 8 - April 2010


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              Gigi you are a savior and a hero! Thank you for these.


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                Thanks Gigi, I've replaced a few other pics (batches 5 to 8) in previous posts. Spec sheets for Wild Cards 2 and 3 USA:

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                  I have the two models that came out with the rosewood fret boards.
                  The 7th batch Fiesta Red and the 8th batch Candy Tangerine.


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                    Wouuld love to see pics 0DDJ0B! Welcome to the forum!


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                      Originally posted by Number Of The Priest View Post
                      Wouuld love to see pics 0DDJ0B! Welcome to the forum!
                      What's the best way to post pics on here and thanks for the welcome!


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                        Choose any free image hosting service ( I personally enjoy Upload your photos to your chosen service, copy the links that they generate for you, and paste them here on the JCF in your next reply.


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                          i used to have photobucket but it has so many adds now that it just bogs down my computer or phone.
                          Let me check out imgur.


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                            I completely understand your plight. Photobucket also has recently prevented hotlinking of their images from free user accounts, so basically Photobucket went from everybody's favorite hosting website, to becoming the scourge of the internet.

                            Ever since switching from Photobucket to Imgur (out of necessity), my guitar photo albums have been much better organized. I'm sure other image hosts do a great job with their layout and ease of use too. Nobody wants to make the dreaded "Photobucket mistake".


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