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The "80's Glam Metal Listening Pussified Ass" Thread

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  • The "80's Glam Metal Listening Pussified Ass" Thread

    Personally, I think these suggestion threads are terrific.

    However, since the other thread is leaning towards stuff I really can't fuckin' stand, I figure us "pussies" can start our own thread here dedicated to anything resembling 80's hard rock/hair metal.

    I'm trying to list some of the more obscure bands as opposed to the ones we all know.

    Play nice everyone (this means you Bengal and a few others)

    Marcello/Vestry - AMAZING new stuff from the Danger Danger guitarist
    Big Cock - Robby Mason and David Henzerling (one of the guitarists in King Kobra)
    H.E.A.T. - Kinda like Europe meets Loverboy
    Adrian Gale -
    Aftershok - Great guitarist and the ex-singer from Shok Paris
    American Angel -
    Atomic Playboys - Steve Stevens
    Babylon A.D. -
    Bad Moon Rising -
    Bad English -
    Bangalore Choir -
    Beautiful Creatures -
    Blackfish -
    Blonz -
    Blue Tears -
    Bonfire -
    Brass Kitten - Across America is the record i'm familiar with

    Alot more to come...

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    Haha this is hilarious. I'll try and put more glam/hard rock and hair metal in my thread too because it's becoming too death/power metal focused.

    Though GOR just recommended ABBA and I'm pretty sure they aren't death metal.
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      Shotgun Messiah: The first 2 albums
      Powermad: Absolute Power
      Leatherwolf: ST and Street Ready
      Laaz Rocket: Annihilation Principle
      Sacred Reich: The American Way and Surf Nicaragua

      All I can think of now.

      (Why do I always get called out? hehehehe. Strong opinions reap strong reactions. But this is not the thread for it.)
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        Black Eyed Susan
        Killer Dwarves
        Roxy Blue
        Tora Tora
        Sleez Beez


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          How about Quireboys?



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            Heh... I'm good friends with Brass Kitten's singer, Steve. If you like them, then you HAVE to like Wildside.

            Ralph hooked me up witha copy of Beau Nasty's cd - thanks again. If you like Bonfire, you gotta get Cacumen, which was Bonfire before the name change.

            Here's a couple others:

            Hericane Alice
            Pretty Maids
            Rough Cutt
            Aldo Nova
            King Kobra
            Kingdom Come
            Lillian Axe
            Danger Danger

            Man, so many bands...
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              I wuv u, Ralph!
              You took too much, man. Too much. Too much.


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                Von Groove
                Saints & Sinners
                House of Lords
                Lizzy Borden
                Lost Boys
                Baton Rouge
                Brighton Rock
                Mama's Boys
                Stone Fury
                220 Volt


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                  shotgun messiah's first album was cool.

                  Blue murder are horrificly unknown

                  House of lords and guiffria were good if more aor

                  Blitzkreig (hellraiser has the guys guitars)

                  Lynch mob were horrendously undervalued

                  I really liked bad english's second album. So this is eden is a tune.

                  I'm sorry chris but king kobra were so lame. Keel good but his voice was poor.

                  I'll also add lion because they gave us the best movie theme ever for transformers! And they rocked in general esp doug aldrich

                  I always really liked someone like you by bang tango. That was a tune
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                    Speaking of pussy, it certainly accompanied the 80's. I know I still wreak from it-lol
                    Not helping the situation since 1965!


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                      So we looked like girls, big deal. It was the easiest deal to close back then.
                      Not helping the situation since 1965!


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                        Bang Tango
                        Britney Fox
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                          Enuff Z'nuff
                          Cry Wolf


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                            Was it Love/Hate that did "Why do you think they call it dope" or something? I have that album somewhere, pretty good but has dust on it now.
                            White Lion (okok don't laugh too hard)
                            and I hate to say it, but they did actually have a couple really good songs that werent all about their crotch - Warrent

                            There was another band that the group I ran with always played. I never owned the album but I believe the bands name was "Shock Paris" or something like that.

                            And one more for the stone throwers, yes I don't like DLR's VH (which is odd because I liked his solo stuff. I dunno, I still think it was because I got thrown down and kicked in the ear because at the time I didn't know who they were when asked - that makes me hate VH so much), but I did like poison. go ahead point and laugh. I can take it!

                            Def Leppard is still one of my favorites even if they are only a shell of what they were.

                            ...and i was a huge Stryper fan.. Even met Vince Neil in San Jose at the Soldiers under command concert. The rest of MC were too cool to walk into the crowd, Vince was actually incredibly cool and was just randomly saying hello to people.

                            Oh and Add MC to the list too

                            Precious Metal
                            Blue Murder
                            Giant (Actually I don't think they count as hair metal)

                            That's about all I can remember, even back then it was all about Metallica, Megadeth, Flotsom and Jetsom, etc.
                            In the future though I need to remember to not buy guitars while on Nyquil


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                              Silent Rage (I remember the video. Forget the song title. Band "found" by Gene Simmons)

                              EDIT: Looked it up. The album was Don't Touch Me There and the song was Rebel With A Cause. Cheeze city.

                              Crimson Glory were pretty cool. Oh wait, they wore masks. Must have sucked. HA!

                              I'll also thow out the Japanese contingent.

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