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Anybody into Tracii Guns?

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  • Anybody into Tracii Guns?

    Saw L.A. Guns on the Friday night after Thanksgiving at a little club in South OC. Great show. $20. Phil Lewis hasn't aged in 25 years and he still sounds very good. Tracii rips ( I knew he would, he hasn't lost anything, not even hair. ) and the band was pretty tight. Bass and 2nd guitar were buried a bit, though. That always bugs me. Tracii played some kind of old Eddie guitar that look like a Jackson Star in black and white stripes, non-Jackson headstock. Went out of tune a bit and then played an LP the rest of the show. He played through a Bugera, the size of a large practice amp. I'm not a sound guy so I can't say what else he was going through. Don't know what he had on the floor. Anyway, check 'em out if they come to your town.
    Good time.
    8 strings? Because 6 is too easy?

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    On the floor he had a HeadRush unit. His guitar sound is a mix of the Headrush through two FRFR headrush speakers that are mic'd, the bugera, and the direct signal from the Headrush itself. He posted a picture and explanation in the user group on facebook.
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      Any axe pictures? He used to play cool Gunslingers. I saw him on in LA on Halloween, 1992 I think?


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        I always liked his playing, the band's music is hit or miss for me. I agree that Phil still sounds great, unlike a lot of the guys from that era.
        I really liked a couple of the later albums- Man In The Moon and Waking The Dead.
        This thread reminded me that I need to pick up the last album they released.


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          Excellent player. I didn't really pay attention to him back in the day, but I realize it now.