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NAD: Yamaha THR10X (with video clip featuring my 2006 Jackson SLSMG)

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    Sorry about that.

    Suppose a band is doing a Big Show.
    THR10X is plugged in and set as desired.
    Is THR used like a PreAmp and can be hooked into a
    Marshall, Crate, etc and have that 80s Arena sound,
    or is a separate head needed?

    THR straight to the speakers without anything else needed?

    I don't want to muddy your very good music thread.
    I am sorry.
    I should have done a comprehensive in depth search.

    Thanks For Being Patient

    [ ETA ]

    Yes Sir, you answered perfectly 👍👍
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      I belong to a couple of groups on Facebook that are dedicated towards THR discussion. I vaguely recall some discussion about gigging with a THR. Here's a video I remember seeing about that. It might be a good possible solution to try!


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        This is the tone I find myself using a lot lately. My previous default tone was heavily soaked in reverb and delay so I wanted to get away with as few effects as possible and just focus on a straightforward, 80s style distortion with an almost imperceptible delay.


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          I loaned out the THR10X so I've been playing the standard THR10 frequently. I also bought an inexpensive used THR10C just to round out my collection but haven't really used it yet.


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            Good Job!!


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              I really like that amp and all the sounds and effects you can add and just set it on a coffee table instead of having to set up whole rooms. I just listen to a couple people video on them. After I'm finished with all my crap I'm gonna get one to just set it the living room, they don't cost much.
              I know the old saying that the value of an opinion is generally inversely proportional to the strength with which it is held.


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                Truth be told, I haven't touched my other amps (all 1x12 combos) in the longest time. The THR series makes it easy to practice and record at home. I don't perform live, jam with friends, or need huge volume at home, so the THR is a good tool for this specific situation. There is always a specific tool for specific jobs and I am not disparaging "real amps".


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                  Bitchin' amp...Love mine.
                  8 strings? Because 6 is too easy?