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General Rules of the Road:

- Please do not include images in signatures. It slows the board down considerably.
- Posting want ads in your signature is also not allowed and will be removed immediately.

- Any post containing pasted/copied email/private or outside party messages or content will be deleted.
- Redundant threads will be deleted.

- Spamming of our site is frowned upon, please do not post for the purpose of advertising your site, we do not spam yours and we appreciate you do not spam ours
- Off topic threads will be moved to the proper area
- Personal attacks will not be tolerated
- Political and religious threads are frowned upon
- Non “work-safe” (NSFW = Not Safe For Work) images will be removed, and the poster will be warned, suspended, or banned as necessary.
- Any and all non-sponsoring dealer/business posts that advertise or promote their ventures will be removed, and the poster will be warned, suspended, or banned as necessary. If you are a dealer or provide a service and would like to promote it on the JCF, private message an administrator.
- Multiple user names are not permitted; if you have multiple accounts, your accounts will be suspended until you decide which one to use.
- Finally, the JCF Administration reserves the right to revoke your membership at will.

Classifieds area

The Classifieds forum is to be used by our regular members; we encourage JCF members to add to the board's value, and the Classifieds forum is not to be perceived as a reason to join the Jackson/Charvel Forum. The JCF Administrators and Moderators will remove ads (and remove classifieds access) from members who are here solely to sell gear and add no value elsewhere. Finally, the classifieds are for gear sales only- No cars, personal items, etc. As with any sale, let the buyer beware.

Full members: Any member needing access to the classifieds that has Full membership status please email or PM an admin. The tools do not automatically update your status. Please be patient in the process and we will open your status as soon as we can.

Junior members: Welcome to the JCF, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your stay. Cruise around a bit and get involved, Once you've established 100 posts and people have gotten to know you better, we will be happy to unlock your access to our classifieds.

Posting your own Ebay auctions: DON'T! We're not interested in advertising for your auction. We regularly look at Ebay, and chances are we've seen your ad before you posted it.

Regular Members: no third party ads are allowed. The classifieds are for your personal gear only.

Please also note the following bits of etiquette:

Do not derail other peoples classifieds. Unsolicited comments are not always welcome additions to someone trying to sell something. These types of posts will be deleted and continued infractions will be dealt with (lose access to the classifieds, banishment, etc) Also, please don't add your ad to someone else's; it's just as easy to make a new post as it is to reply to one.

Post an ad when you're sure you want to sell something, and include the price! In short, "I'm thinking about selling my..." threads will be removed. "Email for price" threads will be removed. Plain and simple, sell or don't. If this were a newspaper, you wouldn't waste the money or time having them print, "thinking about selling." If you want to entertain interest, take it to eBay, set your reserve rediculously high and then be done with it.

Finally, we're calling an end to posts like "if it only had a" or "if I had the dough, I'd be all over this." it clutters up threads, adds no value, and quite honestly, is irritating as all hell. We've all been there, we all know what it's like. It's time to stop it.

If you have nothing to add of value to the thread, don't post! If you have questions, ask them, but "dude, that's sweet! I wish I had the dough, bro!!!" does NOT add value to the thread.

Internet Dealers Policy:

In our never ending search for the perfect gear, we often get some great pricing from dealers. Do them a favor and don't post those prices on internet forums; it can be viewed as MAP violation, and it can hurt the dealer you're trying to buy from.

We've all seen what our local stores have to offer, and realize that an online dealer often has better selection, and much better prices. Let's help these guys stay in business so we can give them our money for years to come!

This is something that will be looked at seriously here, so please follow this etiquette.

Finally, just remember we're all here to learn, share, and enjoy talking about the guitars, the history, the players, and the music.


The JCF Administrators