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  • Learning new solos

    I have had to learn some "new" solos recently. Songs I have heard for years, songs I have jammed along to, but never dedicated any time to play them good enough to cover. I know rating solos by difficulty is a topic like "to each his own". Some things come easy for some people, while others it may be hard. Example: I can never polish the opening riff to "Cowboys From Hell" or "Sweet Child O' Mine". I have seen other guys nail them like naturals, but stumble on riffs I play with ease. Example being opening riff and rhythm to "Blackened" which is something I can do but I've seen many struggle with. This all being said..

    I'll throw a few songs out here. What solo do find more difficult? I'll reveal later which one I suck at and which one I'm nailing.

    QR - Metal Health vs Cum on Feel the Noize
    Ratt - Round and Round vs I Want a Woman
    AC-DC - Shook Me All Night Long vs Shoot to Thrill
    Cinderella - Shake Me vs Gypsy Road
    Poison - Fallen Angel vs Nothin' But a Good Time

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    Get audacity, record yourself a metronome track increasing 5 bpm at a time (the riff 5 times increase ......) you will be playing metronomes from hell in no time.....
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      I have used Audacity for years. I actually tried recording with it this weekend. Plugged my Blackstar ID Core 10 into my laptop /Audacity. After 2 hours of trying to get good levels I realized I could have been practicing. This is why I do not record at home. Nothing is as easy as the days when you had a cassette jambox w/built-in mics. Quality was the same as 1/2 the Youtube camera phone vids out there.

      I actually practice a lot these days to guitar backing tracks or karoke tracks.