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    My Jamaican alter ego Rasta Frank's second's offering. I first became aware of "Rick rolling" when watching an episode of "Top of the pops" on BBC2 and they showed a performance of bros doing a song I didn't know of them until suddenly that was very violently interrupted by a clip of "never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley. Before going back to the Bros clip they were originally showing, the Narrator said "now we wouldn't SERIOUSLY pull a Rick roll on you, would we?"

    After that, it seemed that the flood gates were opened and I encountered Rick Rolling everywhere even during a Macy's parade. Yesterday after I finished recording Rasta frank's version of Head ache I suddenly had an idea. I would do a Rick Roll myself but in my own vision of what a Rick Roll should be.

    The instruments used were my Epiphone Firebird, my custom Five string Jan Knooren Bass and my Yamaha PSR 2500 keyboard all of it was recorded through my Line 6 Tone Port and Ableton.

    As always, this song was recorded purely for fun

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    you crazy mutha fucka

    thats awesome
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