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    Originally posted by RobRR
    Ok I worked with the drums a little more and got the balance and levels alot better.

    Also working with the EQ and compressor is making a nice difference volume wise. Another question though...

    How do you know what frequencys each track uses? Not sure if Im asking this right... but you said to cut the bass at around 50hz for the kick drum. Is there a frequency mapper or something, or is it just something you do by ear?
    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking... The safest answer I can give you is that each track could potentially be using all the frequencies. There really isn't a set rule to say that one instrument is going to occupy these specific frequencies and another instrument should occupy these other frequencies, etc. You get what I'm saying? There will and should be a lot of overlap.

    As I said before, you're not trying to re-work or carve down your tracks with EQ - it's just there (in general) to make some adjustments.

    What can happen is that when seperate tracks are strong in the same frequency range (like bass drum and bass guitar) you often have to make a few compromises to get them to sound good together. So, when I say pull a couple db out of the bass guitar EQ around 60hz (or wherever) to make room for the bassdrum, that's exactly what I mean. When you bring up your EQ (you should be using either at least a 10 band graphic equalizer or a parametric equalizer) all the sliders should be labeled by what frequency they affect. Just tweak the ones you need to.

    I hope this answers your question. If you're still not totally clear on what I mean (or if I'm not making sense) let me know.


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      ok, just some random thoughts while i'm listening to it.

      defnitely ditch the intro solo fade in.

      the riffs sound very similar to what i write, although i'd change the drum beat during the verse riff, or at least vary it. try mixing it up with the "thrash" drum pattern (kick snare kick snare....) or less "regular" hits of the snare.

      the guitar tone sounds fine on my PC speakers, but i'd need to listen to the clip through my monitors.

      the bass needs to be turned up some, i agree...

      and sorry, the vocals my not so humble opinion
      other than that, the song seems to be pretty cool! although i don't quite get john's 80s reference