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Just released a new single with my SL7!

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  • Just released a new single with my SL7!

    Well, after a lot of talking, some gear swaps and a very fun period of tracking and recording, I've got an EP together. On Friday, I'm going to release it to the world, and see what happens. I've already decided that making it was fun enough to make me want to another.

    I've put out 15 albums as a singer, but never believed in my playing enough to stand behind it as an instrumentalist and actually put something out that doesn't hide behind lyrics.

    And, to top it off, last Friday I had the pleasure of launching my first single, a song called 'Refractive'. For anyone who wants to have a listen, it's here:

    The EP will come out on Friday, and features my Jackson SL7, along with my Caparison TAT Special and my Helix, basically trying to recreate the 1980s with a seventh string. It's been really fun to create what I like, on my own, in my studio, and basically just do whatever comes to my mind.

    I'd like to thank everyone here for the awesome gear discussions I've had along the years, all the way back in 2002 when I was deciding what guitar to buy, and onward. I'd like to say to anyone who is considering releasing their music, but holding back because you think that what you're doing isn't interesting, DO IT. Even if noone ever listens to it, you'll have so much fun along the way that the journey will be worth it. And who knows, someone might just give it a listen too!
    - Andi Kravljaca -

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    Originally posted by GryphonGuitar View Post
    basically trying to recreate the 1980s with a seventh string
    Brilliant! Haha I love that quote/signature

    I am subscribed to your channel and love your works. Creations from a chosen path is still one of my favorite albums. Love every song on it and your solo work on long comes the night is brilliant! Very inspirational to me. Sorry for the Silent call stuff but I just had to mention it. I will be buying your solo stuff as well it's even better!
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      Just a little bump to say that the EP is released, and on Spotify:

      I've celebrated with a little playthrough video.
      - Andi Kravljaca -


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        To each their own regarding their taste instrumentals but honestly, it’s as good as anything I’ve probably ever heard from anyone

        tasteful, melodic, full of technique without that technique overshadowing the vibe
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          That's giving me some real old school vibes, taking me to a memory I had in Vegas. Very smooth singing guitar leads man