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It's Gonna Be Me (Punk Song)

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  • It's Gonna Be Me (Punk Song)

    So for those of you who don't know, my band recorded an album 5 years ago.
    It was recorded one track at a time with one mic, in my spare bedroom. Quick mix etc etc.
    Very punk rock record.

    We'll recently, my drummer got a nice set of drum mics, and we've all gotten some better gear since then...Now we don't live close anymore, not enough to have regular practice. But imagine my surprise, when I got a flash drive in the mail, with nice drum and bass tracks for about half our original songs. They are a huge improvement in quality.

    It's straight up punk rock, but it does have a flashy solo. I'm not the best mixer, but I think this sounds good to me. I'm on guitar/vocals, as well as writing the song.
    If anyone is curious to hear the old version, I can post it as well haha.

    Edited to add-

    Guitar - Jackson RRXT
    Amp - Peavey XXX
    FX - N/A
    DAW - Reaper
    Mic - MXL USB007

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      Thank ya sir! I appreciate it!
      I know punk may not be the dominant style here, but I think I show my metal influences pretty well in my music haha.