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Improvisation in Bm

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  • Improvisation in Bm

    Hi bros!...

    This is my impro attempt on a backing track on Youtube!...

    It's in Bm. Except some main melodies, I had no idea what to play before recording. So sometimes I confused what to play. Anyway, this is it.

    I'm waiting for your critics. Hope you enjoy it.

    Backing track:
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    Life can be good with right people.
    Andi Deris

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    It 's always good to play over backing tracks to work on ideas,
    You might want want to listen to what the rhythm guitar is doing and work with it at times. That way you'll achieve a better blend with the music.
    It's also good to stop playing at times, figure out the tempo and see what can you fit in there regarding subdivisions or specific techniques that may apply nicely to the vibe of the track.
    Just my two cents.
    Keep it up!
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      Thank you, sir!...
      Life can be good with right people.
      Andi Deris