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Kemper - Mike fortin modded marshall METAL

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  • Kemper - Mike fortin modded marshall METAL

    Kemperized Mike Fortin Marshall - probably the most 'metal' amp I own. I took this profile with the Fortin going through an oversized mesa armor cab for the ultimate in metal pwnage

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    All the ones you posted in this section sound good! Without the original to compare to, I don't think I would be able to tell that whether it's the real thing or not*. I'm pretty happy with the profile I did of my Engl rack, although there is a slight difference in how it sounds, but that may be due to the mic. I recently sent some recordings for my band to the guy doing the mixing, and he said he couldn't tell the difference between the one I had done with the Kemper and the ones I'd done with the Engl rack.

    * I noticed that with some of the Axe FX examples people have posted, I now think I can detect some characteristics of it, at least on some of the models. Curiously, it's actually a well-known phenomenon in audio coding that over time (i.e., with continued exposure), you can actually get more sensitive to artifacts, i.e., after having been exposed to certain artifacts for a long time, you can hear them more easily.