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Important information for all. (suggested reading)

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  • Important information for all. (suggested reading)

    Political, Religious, Racial , threads have all been removed from this forum in the past. We have a rule specifically stating these types of posts are frowned upon because they are offensive to some and cause division among the members of this board.

    Recently we removed a thread regarding Micheal Richards due to its incessant use of racial epithets. Once we remove a thread it is pretty irritating to see a new one of the same basic subject to be put in its place.

    Bottom line is this..if the thread is moved then it is a dead issue not one to start a new discussion in. As of today the administration is adopting the following policy regarding these types of posts.

    1st infraction~ 30 day automatic suspension without warning
    2nd infraction~ 1 year banning
    Final infraction~ Lifetime banning

    Per our rules political and religious threads are not allowed here and racially driven posts have been added to that rule. The simple reason is that people get overly passionate about their views and this ends up causing battles amongst the membership. People have gone so far as to quit over it

    If people feel the need to leave the JCF over the views that are driven down their throats from the people here, then the rules need to be enforced strictly without warning. I myself find it hard to believe in this day and age that a discussion needs to be protected by "freedom of speech" when it is offensive in nature to some members.

    We do not discriminate here against

    Race, Age, Gender, Sexual preference, or religious belief ..all people are welcome here.. please keep this in mind when you post whether or not your views might be considered offensive..

    The Administration
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