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Suggestions for replacing my Boss BR864

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  • Suggestions for replacing my Boss BR864

    Hi folks, just like the title suggests my Boss BR864 digital multitracker is nearing the end of its useful life. It's probably the 3rd or 4th one I have had as I just keep replacing them every time something goes wrong.

    But, replacements are becoming fewer and further between, and obviously being 20 years old at the newest, each one you buy might end up having the same issues as the previous.

    So I'm curious to see if there are any other fans out there who have successfully moved onto a newer iteration that might be able to give me some suggestions.

    I'm obviously looking for something cheap (100-150 bucks), with the same types of features (on board effects, USB).
    I have tried the newer "Micro BR" and the results were definitely comparable but being such a small unit, the display and controls were not user friendly enough for me. I have always liked the way the BR864 is laid out with the controls and individual faders. Since the Micro BR is so small each button has at least a few different modes, and the volume control isn't very precise.

    All I really need is 8 tracks, fader knobs, USB and on board effects.

    I have poked around with guitar interface (I own a Focusrite) but have found pretty much every DAW I have tried to use too confounding... if that gives you any idea of my level of expertise and interest. But if anyone does alternatively have a suggestion for a DAW that is somewhat affordable and has the same level of ease of use as a BR864 I would appreciate that too.

    I pretty much just want to plug in, pick a track, hit record and go. I have yet to find a DAW that doesn't involve additional steps and would probably prefer a standalone unit.

    BR-800 is also looking like a decent option but is a bit outside my price range. I've only made about 20 bucks streaming music so this isn't an investment/expense type of situation.

    Thank you for any advice you can offer!

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    The other thing you need to take into consideration ----

    I am using Windows 7, and am almost afraid to buy a new computer because nothing I use is (fully) compatible with anything newer.


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      That's true for me too, my laptop came with Win 7 and is currently running Win 10 so using a DAW would probalby involve upgrading that, too by this point....