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Matt, owner of Matt's Music has passed away

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  • Matt, owner of Matt's Music has passed away

    So sad. This was posted on the Matt's Music facebook page.

    It is with the heaviest of heavy hearts that I am informing all our friends and customers that after a long and brave battle with cancer, Matt Leff, owner of Matt's Music, passed away peacefully surrounded by family and loved ones on New Year’s Eve. This is a tough loss for all of us in the music community and beyond. Matt was a rockstar. A monster guitar player, a car enthusiast and an all around special person. My thought is that when your time on this earth is ending, there are only two things that truly matter: Was it a life well lived? And what is your legacy? Matt lived a life some people reach for their whole lives, so he checks the first box easy. The second was even easier for Matt, which I quickly learned through the number of messages and posts we’ve received after his passing. Many of you bought your first guitar from Matt, credit him for your start in the music industry, and reminisce about your favorite piece of gear that came from him. It’s been a bit overwhelming, but in the best way. I have known Matt for 20 years. I was the 17-year-old kid hanging out in his shop, and one day he offered me a part-time job because I was there so often. Fast forward to today and I’ve now worked side-by-side with him for 17 years, where I’ve built my dream career thanks to him. Matt was an exceptional boss, co-worker, and most importantly, friend. We built this shop into what it is now, and we’re very proud of what we've done together. I have no intention of letting that go: Matt's wishes are to continue building what we've worked so hard at. We will keep his name and memory alive through Matt's Music for years to come, striving to inspire a new generation of musicians just as Matt has for the past 23 years. I ask two favors from anyone who knew Matt well, or whose life he touched in even the smallest encounter: 1. Please share a memory or favorite piece of gear you got from Matt over the years. I would love to compile these memories and pass them along to his amazing family so they can see how many lives he has touched. 2. Matt’s brother, Larry, will be riding in Matt’s honor in the Pan-Mass Challenge 2020. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Team Rockstar Cycling at: Rest In Peace, my friend. I'll do my best to make you proud. - Jay
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    I'm happy to hear you will be keeping Matts Music and his memory alive.

    I remembered when I heard Jackson was dropping the SLATQH from production and this being one of my must-have pieces, I called Matt and he was able to deliver. He said, I have one of the last of the run coming in. I put it on hold and not long after I received a Tobacco Burst SLATQH. To this day it is my #1 go-to guitar.

    Thank You Matt R.I.P.



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      Oh hell. I hate to hear that. RIP Matt.


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        Damn R.I.P. Matt.

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          1+2 = McGuirk, 2+4 = She's hot, 6-4 = Happy McGuirk


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            So sorry to hear this. RIP Brother....


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              I'm late for this, didn't log in for ages, but I'm none the less really sorry to hear that.

              I bought my main guitar, a custom Rhoads from Matt around 15 years ago.
              Back then I got heavily screwed over by another dealer. The only way to get Jackson to built me a custom was to order through a US-Dealer,
              which turned out to be quite risky being from Germany.

              Easton Guitars took my money without even ordering my guitar and asked me to wait another couple of weeks for months.
              Since the custom shop was really slow these days, I took a while to get what was happening.

              I got help from the forums own NapalmJack, who was a huge help to get my money back and asked Matt for help giving it another try.

              Matt was really kind and easy to work with. He told Jackson I've been waiting for ages now and got me my guitar as quickly as possible.
              We wrote back and forth, had a phone call every now and then, he always kept me updated and ensured Jackson got everything right.
              It turned out just great.

              I still have that guitar. I don't play as often as I used, life changed quite a bit since then, but none the less it's a kick ass guitar and I love it.

              Here's me with my wife rockin out three weeks ago:

              Matt helped me get the guitar of my dreams and was a really trustworthy guy.
              I'm sorry for your loss.
              My condolences go out to you and his family.
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