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Im convinced: People just arent honest anymore...

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  • Im convinced: People just arent honest anymore...

    Seems like Im an asshole-magnet as of late. It just seems that people don't give a shit anymore. Nobody has any integrity, they lie, then try to make you out to be the bad guy when you call them on it.

    Case in point: I bought a set of wheels off another forum, last week, he's long time well known member, and advertised them as "no bends or cracks". Made a 120 mile round trip to get them, get home and while cleaning them up, noticed one was bent, pretty bad too. After going back and fourth with him trying to convince me to use them as is, then offering to have his buddy "fix" them, he finally says he'll give me my money back if I return them... another 120 mile round trip, $40 in gas and tolls for something that wasn't even my fault. So in the end, I would be out $80, and he would be out nothing. The worst part is, after bringing this to his attention, he goes back to the for sale thread and changes "No bends or cracks" to "No major bends or cracks". Are you kidding me? Luckily I screencapped the original post as I always usually do. I called him out on it, he ignores what I said then after a couple days deletes it, and notes at the top of his thread:

    Everything are used but are in functioning order as I kept everything pristine. You are buying used parts and I describe them to the best of my ability. You as the buyer must inspect items before you purchase them as parts are sold as is.
    Obviously aimed at me... Maybe he should follow his own advise and LOOK at the parts before you sell them.

    Not one to just throw away my money, I decide not to deal with him anymore, and take them to a wheel repair shop. Turns out one of the back ones was bent too, so I had both fixed for $200. Mind you, I paid $200 for the wheels, so now Im $400 into these things, (plus like $60 in travel expenses and roughly 8 hours of cleaning, they were BAD) which blows my tire budget out of the water, so now Ive gotta sell them and recoup my money. I should be able to break even, but damn, I really wanted these wheels.

    This is only one of more than a few bad experiences in the past ~year or so. I don't understand whats going on, I used to buy, sell and trade all the time and never had any issues. Within the past year though, seems like everyone has just forgot about integrity and is just out to make a quick buck and fuck over the next guy. When I sell stuff, I do my best to describe it, and if I blatantly fuck up (like not noticing the non-usa plate on that RR2 I bought on eBay then decided to sell), I admit it and try to make things right. Its not hard, just LOOK at the stuff you're selling. If you miss something, be a man about it, own up to it, and make it right.

    /end rant
    Imagine, being able to be magically whisked away to... Delaware. Hi... Im in... Delaware...

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    Check it out... I mounted the wheel and took a video of the bend as proof:

    Imagine, being able to be magically whisked away to... Delaware. Hi... Im in... Delaware...


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      I don't understand car stuff. Key. Ignition. GO. Gas. Go some more. That's about it for me.

      But I DO COMPLETELY understand the sentiment.
      And then people wonder why I have become a recluse. And why most of my conversations seem more like educational lectures on morality than they do two-way discussions.

      Every so often someone comes around and restores my faith in humanity.
      We aren't totally lost... YET.
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        Vid shows a pretty substantial bend IMO.
        Any way you could possibly put more shit into your sig?


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          this is why I try to buy and sell here first(which some deals have really pissed my off) but is still better then ebay (I never deal with craigslist) and I only only deal with one guy at Sam Ash. I still haven't learned my lesson with GC online.
          With everything else I smell bullshit I walk.


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            I feel your pain. Money is an evil thing. Tends to make the worst in people come out to get as much as possible from the next guy. No integrity No morals. And do not care in the least. Sad Sad world.


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              Take comfort in the fact his lack of decency and consideration suggests he's a self-loathing, sad, miserable prick.
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                Thanks for the info. I was thinking about buying used rims, now I'll think twice.


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                  Yup, years ago the internet forums and such were mostly enthusiasts all with common goals. These days the scammers & sketchy dealers are running wild.... really have to be careful. Search my posts and you'll see a good deal of bitching about bad Ebay deals....


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                    Here's one I ran into yesterday:

                    A guy is selling a gig bag on CL for $20. His ad says if you go and check ebay and amazon that you find this model for $30 and $35. He bought it and never used it, its still tied up with the original twist tie.

                    I sent him an email that said - in your price comparisons, you forgot to mention that you can get them at Best Buy for $10.
                    His response:
                    At least I disclosed the price on eBay for the same item to give a bench mark. Sorry if that doesn't meet your approval sir!
                    Besides,we both know that someone's going to offer me below the asking price and therefore I hope to get 15 bucks. Which is of course five dollars above the $10 I paid for at Best Buy yesterday.
                    Some people don't have a job and sell things on Craigslist to try to make a living.

                    I mean, hey, he is being honest. If you look, that is what those things cost at those sites. But is he being honest when he does not disclose that he bought it at another major retail chain and is jacking the price up?


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                      Hear you guys. I find that buying used online has changed. A few years back it was regular guys selling used gear. Now it is full of people trying to buy and flip for a quick profit. Every time I post gear on CL now, I get 20 offers for 20 cents on the dollar within hours of posting. Also, there are so many stores posting used gear for new prices also. RIDICULOUS

                      Also, nothing is described correctly. I met a guy trying to sell an EVH Wolfgang Special for a fairly high price, but it was the colour I wanted and what the hell, you only live once. I go way out of my way to meet him and the neck is totally misaligned. The high E was almost off the fret board. Easy to fix on a bolt on, but at the price he was asking, forget it. I showed it to him and nothing. Wouldn't budge on price. No change to his ad even after I clearly showed him something was wrong with his guitar. I can only imagine he sold it to someone else with a less keen eye. Piece of Sh&t. I find a walk away from probably 30 to 40 percent of the deals I work because the description is BS.
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                        Price gouging is one thing... if someone doesn't do research on what they're buying, then that's the buyers fault. Straight up lying about the condition of the item is more what Im going for... like if he said that gig bag was new, but when you got home you realized a cat had pissed inside it. That's what Im talkin about!
                        Imagine, being able to be magically whisked away to... Delaware. Hi... Im in... Delaware...


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                          I agree there does seem to be a trend, but I could just be getting crankier and more jaded as I get older.
                          "Artists should be free to spend their days mastering their craft so that working people can toil away in a more beautiful world."
                          - Ken M


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                            That sounds nice what is it?....& yeah thats BS....whats the source of that wonderful rumble.


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                              Scumbags hurting for money always have hooks out. It's not people in general, it's scammers learning from their scumbag friends.