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So cool but freaky guitar stuff!

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  • So cool but freaky guitar stuff!

    How would you guys like your guitar picks delivered in a Sardine Can?

    How about a pick pocket in your wallet? I'm not kidding!

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    I just bought the brown pick wallet.
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      Haha! I can't lay off these silly things either.


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        Sardine can is lame, but pick pocket is a win. For the longest I used one of those Velcro wallets with the pockets just because it was better for carrying picks than a "grown-up" leather wallet.
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          Well yeah Newc I wouldn't expect a Sardine Can to inspire much of a positive response, or a Sardine for that matter, but I do like the idea of manufacturers spicing up my packages. Sweetwater makes the attempt with candy in my shipments but it ain't the good stuff.


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            I got my wallet in. Not completely sure about long term durability... stitching is nice, but only single stitched. But the leather is really nice. Not quite police badge holder durability, but it's much nicer than a standard dress leather wallet.

            It is basically what I was looking for, a slimline wallet that'll hold 5 or 6 standard thickness cards.... id, credit, debit, costco, etc... hold some cash... you probably wouldn't want to stuff a bunch of ones and fives in there, but it'll hold enough 20/50/100s to keep you going. And I'll never be without a pick ever again! lol

            I hate carrying around thick wallets... I usually get a one pocket bi-fold, but this one fits the proverbial bill quite nicely.

            This is similar to the type I usually go after, something simple that doesn't hold too much, and I generally don't like carrying my money in my wallet...

            The 2nd Amendment: America's Original Homeland Defense.


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              5th pocket in a pair of jeans. Done.
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                I don't like it. In my opinion that's just something you could accidentally cut your picking hand with or finger on in a dark stage area. It's a cool looking way to spice it up as someone said but to me I only see cutting my finger by accident. Call me a worry wart but that was something my college professor said to me in our first one on one interview. He asked to see my hands and said "You've done a lot of physical labor in your life haven't you?" I replied yes and then he told me that was over if I wanted to learn from him. He then told me to not even catch football or baseball anymore as it destroys the fine motor receptors in your hands and fingers. I a very protective of my hands ever since.
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                  I carry at least a dozen picks of various thicknesses, brands, and styles in my front pocket at all times.
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                    what's wrong with the sardine can? I think it's fuckin' great. you could make it a combo pick/roach/ and joint holder too.
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