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The hunter is now the hunted...

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  • The hunter is now the hunted...

    Comedy star, director and producer Harold Ramis passed away. His Ghostbuster pals may have to face off with Harold as he doesn't make an easy transition to the other side. -Lou
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    He's gonna be their inside man.
    Don't forget the corn. It's nutritious, delicious, and ribbed for her pleasure.


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      I can see the next instalment already. Egon is their lovable house ghost. He comes under threat when an unscrupulous rival ghostbusting business starts up in NYC. The remaining Ghostbusters have to rescue Egon so that he can finally pass through to the other side
      Hail yesterday


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        ..That is if Dan Aykroyd manages to convince the rest of the guys to do another movie with him
        (Looking at Blues Brothers 2K,...I hope they don't)
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