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These go up to 11

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  • These go up to 11

    You've probably seen these before. And I only have one guitar (at time of typing) that uses numbered knobs. My amps don't even have numbers on the knobs.

    But if you are a Spinal Tap junkie, you'll appreciate anyhow...

    They're available at a shop recently I took my stuff to.

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    This is what I think of Gibson since 1993. I HATE BEING LEFT HANDED! I rock out to Baby metal because Wilkinsi said I can't listen to Rick Astley anymore.


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      Check out the numbers on the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amps, they go to 12 !


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        I really should delete this entire topic. Those are available from Brian Howard Guitars in Hummelstown Pennsylvania.
        I didn't realize that that he was an incompetent repair man when I took my stuff there or when I posted this.

        I haven't seen guitars put back together this poorly since I was 11 and was curious about what happens if I take a guitar apart.


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          Come on then, let's have the full story (or is it elsewhere?)...
          So I woke up,rolled over and who was lying next to me? Only Bonnie Langford!

          I nearly broke her back


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            Originally posted by Rsmacker View Post
            Come on then, let's have the full story (or is it elsewhere?)...
            "Artists should be free to spend their days mastering their craft so that working people can toil away in a more beautiful world."
            - Ken M


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              Its still an ongoing issue.