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2016 Guitar Building Class Dates

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  • 2016 Guitar Building Class Dates

    Guitar building class dates for 2016!

    Wanna learn how to build a guitar? Of course you do; guitars are awesome! Never built one before, or you don't have much woodworking experience? No problem! Classes are tailored to your level of experience. You can still build something that you'll be proud of, even if you've never powered up a router before.

    There are weekend body and neck building classes, a one week complete guitar class, as well as one on one advanced building classes! Located in the north Dallas area, there are plenty of hotel accommodations around, and some airbnb options have popped up recently (two students did that and had a positive experience!).

    David and Darren with the necks they built in a weekend class

    As the complete classes are a bit more popular, there are more of them than the weekend classes. However... if I hear from folks that additional classes are needed, we'll get it scheduled. Oh, and I also offer 30 minute building consultations via Skype if you've got some questions and can't make it to a class.

    Pricing and more details about each class can be found here, but here are the class dates for 2016:

    Jay and his guitar, just before he mounted the pickups

    March 26-27
    - Body class
    April 3-9 - Complete build class
    April 24-30 - Complete build class

    Advanced build student Jeff with his set neck, fully bound, stainless steel fretted Firebird style.

    May 13-15 - Neck class
    May 22-28- Complete build class

    Mike and Les with their guitars, pre-assembly

    Sep 4-10 - Complete build class
    Oct 2-8 - Complete build class
    Nov 6-12 - Complete build class

    There's a bunch more info about the classes on the site, but I'm of course happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to get in touch!

    See you in class!

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