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    Hey Guys -

    Just a quick heads up on two Suhr's we've got on the way in. Both should be in house within a couple weeks and both are available as of this time, spec sheets are included below.

    The white Standard (serial # 13519) MSRP is $3590.00 and our price is $2499.00. The Modern 7 String (serial # 12673) MSRP is $3980.00 and our price is $2999.00.

    White Standard Specs
    Modern 7 String Specs

    An interesting note on the Modern 7 String. This guitar is the third 7 string ever built by Suhr. The first one went to John's son, the second one went to Shon at Suhr and the one we're getting is number three. This means it's the first one made available to the public!

    Drop me a line if you're interested in owning one of these guitars.


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