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  • Replacement Active Electronics

    I am interested in adding either or both a Para Mid-Sweep EQ or Mid-Boost to my Fusion Pro as the original JE-1500 active electronics have been removed.
    Used JE-1500 & JE-1200 units seem pretty hard to come by (especially in the UK), but I believe I may have found some similar parts while trawling the Net.

    I was looking at the EXP (Mid boost) and BCU (Sweep)
    Various wiring diagram options (seems it is possible to install both together)

    Please can anybody advise if they have ever used any of these units, or if they will be fit for the purpose, or recommend any alternatives?

    Thanks in advance
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    I have the stock electronics in my Fusion Pro, and like it that way. The JE1500 cleans up the muddy J200s. I like the J50B(C?) without the boost.


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      I remember on my first Fusion that the Mid-Sweep was very handy at obtaining some really varied tones, and as you say cleaning up both the neck & middle. My present one is fitted with Seymour's, which sound great, but I miss the active option.


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        I don't know what you can do beside trying to score a Fusion that isn't messed up.

        I have three Fusions - you can never have too many.


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          Could not agree with you more Don, I love them, they are so smooth to play. I have another one arriving any day now which I have imported from the US, it has the JE-1500 intact. Are yours all your Fusions Pros? What else do you play and how do they compare?

          What is your opinion on the alternative active circuit options I have links for on my original thread. Do you think they would be a worthy replacement?


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            I have one Fusion Pro, one Charvel Fusion Deluxe, and a mutt that is a Fusion Pro neck, Fusion Deluxe body (because I like the hum-slant single), with an EMG81 and EMG-S wired for 18 volts.

            I have over 30 guitars. 4 LPs, 2 SGs, 2 RR1s, an SL2H, 750XL, ....The Fusion Pro is Excellent to play. For some reason it has an unusually long sustain, and the tone of the J50BC I really love. I can totally nail Queensryche tones with this axe. The necks on the Fusions are the thinnest necks I own, and I'm a thin freak.

            I've never used the circuits above, so I can't really comment on them. One of my RR1's is from 1992 and has a boost cicuit. I like the tone of Jackson's boost circuit. I think the RR1 is a mid boost.

            Get creative and make your own boost. Look at a LM386 IC as a quick start for making one.


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              I have to chime in, cause i just got mine yesterday, and i'm nutting all over it. It does have an incredible sustain, i noticed right away as i picked it from the case the strings rung out loud and proud, and just kept going and going... sweet guitar and i haven't even got to plug her in yet.


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                Cool collection Don. I have noticed that with the sustain too.

                Number two arrived yesterday, awesome. The JE1500 is working sweet and it is packed with a couple of Seymour Screamin' Demons which are nice. Gives me some other options when swapping between the two guitars. It's in great condition, zero fretware, a couple of marks on the body but nothing that can't be sorted. Just gave it a clean, fret polish and oiled the neck - Plays like a rocket. I will have to post some pictures up soon.
                Cheers for the shout on making my own boost, I will check out the LM386 for starters, but I'm not to hot with electronics so will most likely try one of the fore-mentioned pre built units.

                How you getting on with yours? Is it standard/Original? What color is it?
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