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  • Mustaine Y2K Thread....

    I just got a Mustaine Y2K. I wanted to hear from other owners of this model to compare notes. Has anyone changed the pickups? I played a Gibson V with a 500T and a 496R in it. Man, that thing ripped!! It put the EMG 81 and 85 in my USA RR to shame. Thinking about swapping out the JB, I've read the other posts, some like the JB, some don't. I've got a Duncan SH-6 in a Ibanez RG, that sounds decent. Would appreciate comments from other Y2K, King V, or RR owners. Thanks in advance.

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    I used to have a Y2KV. Stupidly sold it. Doh!

    Anyway, I thought the JBs were well suited to the guitar. More the bridge position than the neck. If I had held onto the guitar, I probably would've eventually swapped out the neck for a '59 or Pearly Gates. But it wasn't such a big difference that I would've gone out of my way to do so.

    Then again, I dig the JB in my KV2, too. I think it's a very good pickup, better than many give it credit for. Nice harmonics. A long time ago, someone on this board mentioned that it's very responsive to PU height changes, though. Flaccid output if too low, too hot if too high. That was GREAT advice, as I too noticed big differences just playing around with the height adjustment screws. Try it out.