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kahler on soloist question

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  • kahler on soloist question

    I'm gonna be doing some tinkering... and am wondering from
    the face of the guitar ,how tall is the highest kahler saddle generally...

    that is to say if you set a ruler on end, on the face of a soloist with a kahler.
    whats the average highest point or measuremnt of a saddle?

    make sense

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    I assume you're talking about the Kahler Pro Cam trem? If I was home, I could measure for you. Basically the tallest Kahler saddle on a Soloist with its built in neck tilt angle would be the same height as a non-recessed floyd saddle on an early Soloist. Going from memory, it's fairly high off the body, in the neighborhood of 1/2" to the roller string groove.

    The Kahlers like the saddles to be high relative to the cam so there is a good angle to hold the string in the roller slot. This ebay auction is the only pic I could quickly find that shows the preferred angle from saddle to bridge (the upper righthand pic):

    I'll try to remember to measure tonight if no one else posts anything before that time.


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      From top of body to top of D string: 0.6775" on one guitar, 0.6745" on the other, which is a little bit under 11/16".

      '80s jackson snakeskin bolt-on (neck is tilted back same as Soloist):

      View of the snakeskin string angle:

      View of snakeskin measurement using calipers:

      Reading on Calipers for snakeskin:

      2nd guitar, blue soloist:

      Side view of Soloist showing the resultant measurement:


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        thanks guys !!