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  • A Question About Pickups

    DX10 D FS is starting to win me over.
    At first I was having Buyer's Remorse, but now I'm starting to like it a little.

    The FS Switch naturally powers the pups according to Pup Selection Switch Positions.
    I dont care for the Bridge pup when the switch is off. It seems lacking ability to have decent Crunch or Distortion.

    Here's my question

    Can I put in Perpetual Burn Trembucker and bypass
    the FS to it, leaving the Neck to get the boost?

    As Always,

    Thank You For Your Time And Patience
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    Oh, it was you that picked it up! I can't find any diagram from the Seymour Duncan GEQ-1 Firestorm but I'll keep looking. (google that) Might be simpler to just have both with the boost option.
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      I got it from GC in Ohio and had it shipped to the house. Had you been looking at them? There was another one that had Dot Inlays, but I don't remember which GC it was at or if it was a
      DX10 D FS also.

      I did find as Seymour Duncan Humbucker diagram.

      I'll try to post a snap of it.
      I had seen ba video on Tapping And Splitting, but I have to find something that touches on or goes in depth on what makes a 9v battery change the thing to sound like going from a Practice Amp to a Marshall 2 X 12.

      I was hypnotized by the Perpetual Burn sound.
      Then again, I realize it takes a good Musician and decent equipment to sound like that, no matter what pup is used.

      I also like the Black Winter pup.


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        Well $]-[¡+
        Now I can't put up a pic nor thumbnail.
        Diagram just shows 4 wire pups in generic wire colors.


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          Double Tap

          Link is useless.
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