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32mm fat block for recessed trems

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  • 32mm fat block for recessed trems

    Does anyone have an experience with the 32mm fat block and can comment on the trem limitations (without body modifications)? Does it only limit pulling up on the trem? 32mm standard size tungsten trems are hard to find in stock so I am contemplating the thicker block for a San Dimas.

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    Floyd Rose might have it on their Site, or maybe
    Stew Mac?


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      I've never used a fat block, not a floyd rose branded one nor a third party one, but from what I've heard the amount of "limitation" you might experience with them really depends on your specific guitar, as different models are routed differently and even different specimens of the same model may have slight differences in the trem route. what model san dimas do you have? a usa, japanese, MIM?

      from the FR site, it says of the fat block: "Width is 50.15 mm and thickness is 12.90 mm." I would recommend busting out the calipers and measure the current clearance in your trem cavity.

      the other thing to consider is that you could probably find a standard sized brass block like they put on the 1984 bridge.

      or you could put the tungsten block on backorder from a retailer. this one ( says 10/31 as the stock date. not sure how long you're wanting to wait.


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        What i have learned is the regular fat block will fit most guitars. There might be some pullup limitations on some models. But the L shaped block i have not been able to fit into any guitar i have tried.I have 1 of the L shaped 32mm blocks on hand.