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need 3/8" box wrench ..

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  • need 3/8" box wrench ..

    Hi, I'm new here. and have a question so ask you guys...

    my kelly bass need a 3/8" box wrench. (very big size. 9.525mm)
    this wrench, very hard to find. just found one from reverb, and it was sold out very long ago.

    I've tried to insert a 3/8" box but it is too long and fat for truss rod hole.
    if it fits truss rod tip, then I'll weld it with a stick so I can handle it.

    but this way is impossible, so I'm just finding that wrench.

    can you tell me where can I buy it ?
    making a tool by myself is the only way?

    thanks in advance.
    have a nice day !!

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    Does the nut look original? Maybe someone changed it. You could try and change the nut. I have never heard or seen of that big truss rod nuts. I think if you wnat to tackle it your only option is to make the tool from a socket or a wrench. Maybe you can fit some slim wall socket in there or slim down a wrench with angle grinder or something like that.