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Using the JE-1200 Circuit in a Guitar with only Two Knobs?

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  • Using the JE-1200 Circuit in a Guitar with only Two Knobs?

    Here's the deal, I've been playing guitar for the better part of 30 years, but I've never bothered to get into the nuts of bolts of guitar wiring. So, this might be a pretty open and shut case.

    I have a 1986 Charvel Model 3A. It came with the J-80 pickups, but of course no JE-1200 mid-boost, which is a must in my '86 Model 5 and Model 6. Without the mid-boost it just doesn't get the tone I want. I tried to offset that by replacing the stock J-80 pickup w/o the mid-boost, with a Crunch Lab. But that ended up sounding lifeless in the Model 3A, just about as lifeless as the J-80 without the mid-boost.

    But I got to thinking, in theory, if the cavity in the back of the guitar can accommodate it (and it looks like it would), could the JE-1200 circuit be installed, feeding the J-80, only the knob would be on the inside of the cavity, and in the always on position? The circuit is always on in my Model 5 and Model 6 anyway. So, perhaps it could be done, and still use my regular tone and volume knob, yet no holes drilled for a third knob, or does the circuit just not work that way?

    What do you think? I wouldn't want to pick up a JE-1200 circuit, old or new, and then bring it to a tech without specific instructions and/or knowing it can be done. Otherwise, it might be a merry-go-round of trying different pups in the Model 3A, because that Crunch Lab just doesn't do it for me.


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    the mid boost will work fine with the knob carefully wrapped up inside the cavity( I did this with a 475 years ago to move the volume down to the mid boost hole, I used to turn the volume knob down by accident when playin live). a good tech can remove the mid boost control pot and hard wire for full mid boost.


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      you could also use one of those double knobs. so that you get 2 knobs from one hole.


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        Hey, thanks guys. I would probably go with option #1 vs option #2, but it looks like it would work. I just need to talk to my guitar tech about these options. I really appreciate it. (but first I need to get my 1980 Gibson Sonex Custom working properly, so one guitar at a time).

        I'll post the results of my Model 3a in here when I get it figured out. Of course I'm always open to further suggestions. I just need that J-80c pickup with the mid-boost sound for my rig.


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          Speaking of wiring. Those J-80Cs that I took out of my Model 3a, one reads neck and one reads bridge, but they are really the same pup aren't they? I mean, you could swap them for the bridge and the neck? I guess one could always check the resistance, yeah?

          It's just that I had read that J/C was sometimes putting bridge pickups in the neck position, and vice versa, at times. I wonder if they were actually putting hotter pickups in the bridge. Then again, a J-80c is a J-80c right? Give or take they should all run about just as hot.