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Tremolo-No What Size for DK1?

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  • Tremolo-No What Size for DK1?

    Finally got my FIRST USA Jackson! Very clean black DK1! The Floyd Rose drives me up the wall though. So I want to get a Tremolo-No. It comes in 3 sizes. Which one fits? The body of the DK1 is big and heavy. I like it. There looks like there is enough room in the trem cavity for any of the 3 sizes. Just thought I would check with the almighty Jackson Charvel Forum first!

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    Need to check out your tremolo cavity. If you have a standard size sustain block, you need the small clamp type. If you have a fat sustain block, you need the large clamp type.


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      why specifically is the floyd "driving you up the wall?" there's likely a better and easier solution to your issues that installing a tremol-no, which I found unreliable and much more trouble than it's worth. if you simply want to prevent the bridge from being in full float, I'd recommend inserting a wood block or other spacer in between the block and the body and tightening down the springs.