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Weird Truss Rod Question. Advice please?

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  • Weird Truss Rod Question. Advice please?

    Hi guys,

    So I have a Mick Thomson Soloist (Pro series) and had a question about the truss rod...

    Im used to making my own adjustments on guitars etc, but this one has me a little confused...

    Imagine the truss rod needs loosening (more relief), i make an adjustment and not much happens, so make another adjustment, then the truss rod nut goes quite loose itself, then another turn will tighten it as i am adding the relief into the neck. The relief gets added and everything is ok.

    The same applies if im flattening the neck. Goes from tight (with relief) more turns = nut is getting loose, then tightens up to straighten the neck.

    Is this some sort of strange truss rod where theres a middle ground where the nut gets loose before tightening up again either way??

    Hoping someone can clarify this and if they have the same thing?

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    It is a 2 way truss rod. So it works in both ways and adding relief doesnt have to rely on the pull of the strings.


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      I had a hunch that was the case! thanks Ed!