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Upgrades/Changes: Charvel Model 5fx

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  • Upgrades/Changes: Charvel Model 5fx

    Hello everyone, new member here - just signed up I have a Charvel Model 5FX that had been sitting in the case for quite a while unplayed as it was unplayable and about a year ago, my other guitarist strung it up with D'Addario EXL125's .009 to .046 strings and used the 7mm truss rod tool and got it back to somewhat playable condition. We're both in a classic rock/hard rock cover band tuned to standard E tuning. We also discovered that there was a plastic plate in the trem cavity that was blocking the original Floyd rose trem and there were yellow slip covers over the 3 springs, I'm thinking this was done by a guitar tech I took my Charvel too some years ago to get rid of that annoying trem spring hum?

    Anyway, there's still other things to address on my Charvel, like the fact that the before mentioned guitar tech from some years ago took out the black phenolic nut and put in a fender LSR roller nut? I don't like the locking nut is behind the regular nut setup even though I know it came this way from the factory. The EMG single coil in the neck, which I don't know if it is an S or SA as there is no color on the EMG logo?, and the EMG-85 in the bridge just don't sound right to me and I'm just not gelling with them.

    My main guitar I've been using is an older Korean Epiphone Les Paul Custom with the SD Hot Rodded Set JB/Jazz with push/pull CTS 500K tone pots, main amp has been my EVH 5150 III 50 watt 6L6 Head with the concentric pots running through my Marshall 1960a 4x12 with 2 G12T75's and 2 WGS Retro 30's and a simple pedal board with a ModTone Clean Boost, a Zoom MultiStomp Chorus/Delay/Reverb pedal and a Korg Pitchblack pedal tuner.

    I'm going to passive pickups on my Charvel but there is so many choices out there. The guitar seems very bright sounding right now. I've wondered what Seymour Duncan 59/Custom would sound like in the bridge and if this would this be a good pickup for what we play? My Charvel is the only guitar I have with active EMG's, all my other guitars have passive pickups and I've gotten used to the sound of passive pickups. Also, wanting to get a nice sounding single coil for the slant neck position for it? Any thoughts?