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Model 2 sounding bright

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  • Model 2 sounding bright

    So I had my red model 2 that needed a re-fret done last week. In addition I finally found a mint j-90c so I pulled the dimarzios x2n out also had the volume pot replaced and set up. Plays like a dream and is back to original config. I noticed it a lot brighter than my other j-90c model 2?? I put a 500k pot in this one the pick was reading 14.98 on the meter (between a jb and distortion) is it the pot?
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    Maybe. No two pieces of wood are the same.


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      Bypass the pot and wire the pup direct to the jack. Get an ohm reading on the pot.
      After you hear what the pup really sounds like in that axe, you can wire in different pot/caps to get the tone your wanting.
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        You're not alone. It must be red ones because, I too have a red model 2 and it sounded thin with the J90C and it sounds thin now with a Screamin Demon and a push pull to single coil it. I decided to cut another pickup route for a neck pickup and put a pair of Paf Pros in it. Good luck sir.
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