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MIJ pro-mod neck with Model #2 body

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  • MIJ pro-mod neck with Model #2 body

    I have read these may work together, will there be any issues? I believe the neck pocket on the Model #2 is angled, any fit issues or intonation issues? I am going to use a non-recessed Orig. Floyd Rose so I will need to replace the trem studs that are pressed into the body. Anything I should look out for there.

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    No issue. The angled neck pocket is irrelevant.


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      I don't know about that. I've tried various model 4 necks in my model 4 body and so far I haven't found a good match. It's strange. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it's just a plate and 4 screws. IMO, you have to get the parts and put them together to get your answer.
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