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  • Pickup choices - need help

    I have a Fusion body with SSS config that I have been using for a donor for parts for a couple of other Fusion projects. Since I'm not a fan of SSS models, I will probably end up selling it off when I am done raping her for her goodies.

    This guitar has the following pickups, Quarter Pound Flat (SSL-4), Screamin Demon (SLSD 1B), and a Hot Rails Bridge (SHR 1B).

    My Question is this: Can you use either of the "bridge" pickups in the middle position of a strat style guitar without it sounding like ass?

    I'd like to use two of these pickups to upgrade the pickups in my Adrian Smith SDX model. I was thinking of using the Quarter Pounder in the neck, with one of the bridge pups in the middle.


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    Quarter Pounders are mostly used as a middle pickup, but in metal the middle pickup is rarely used. Most players will just screw it in as far as possible to get it out of the way of their guitar pick. Either one of your bridge model pickups should match up just fine in the AS.

    I would base my decision on which one I would think would match up more with the bridge pickup of the AS SDX.
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      I'm planning on swapping out the bridge pup in the AS also. Looking for a high output SD to match the others. Possibly a tone zone?

      What are the highest output highest gain SD pickups that would match up with the pickups that I listed above?


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        Tone Zone is a Dimarzio just for the record. lol If you want high gain in a Duncan the highest output passice pup they have is the parallel axis distortion trem bucker. then the invader, duncan distortion, JB. Is there a particular tone you want?


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          Looking for a deep thump, perfect for palm musings and zakk style rhythms.

          Gonna take a ride to GC today to see what they have in stock, I will look up your suggestions. Thanks!


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            DiMarzio X2N


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              Want them to be SD, to all match. A mixed set would bug me.


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                Originally posted by rdamaral View Post
                Want them to be SD, to all match. A mixed set would bug me.
                You mentioned a Tone Zone. A Tone Zone is a DiMarzio. Mixing and matching would be fine; you just have to get the wiring colors right, as I believe Duncan and DiMarzio are different from one another.

                Also, to answer your earlier question, you can use any pickup in any position, just make sure if the neck pickup is higher power that you keep it a little lower to balance out the sound.
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                  Yeah I know I misspoke about the tone zone. Still want to try one.

                  I ended up with an Invader. I'll post up a review once I get it all installed.