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Boss pedal problem

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  • Boss pedal problem

    Boss DD3 pedal switch problem. When I push down on the pedal the light comes on but when I let go it goes off. It will not stay on. I replace the battery it did not work. So I called Boss and they told me it was the switch. I got a new one and replace it and it's still not working. what should I try next. Thanks.

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    check the jacks, remember that the input also functions as powerconnection
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      Use Deoxit to clean the jack switches with.
      Spray a little bit in there, and work a 1/4" jack in-n-out a few times until it...


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        Check the input jack. It's ground pin should be resting up against the metal housing on the inside of the box. If the input jack has gotten twisted this connection could become intermittent. you'll have to open the pedal up from the bottom side to access this.
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