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Which Floyd nut do I need?

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  • Which Floyd nut do I need?

    I have an old Jackson, serial # 36xx, that I want to put an original Floyd on instead of the stock Jackson tremelo. My question is what is the proper nut, R3?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    R3 or R4 will fit properly but the string spacing is wider than an R3 so you need the R4.

    In general R4 for Pointy Neck Charvel/Jacksons (Has the wider string spacing) - this will include all your 80's and '90's Jacksons and Model series etc.

    R3 for Charvel Pro Mods (Has the narrower string spacing for rolled fretboard edges)

    NO such thing as proper BTW, if you prefer a narrower sring spacing at the nut, get an R3.
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      Just a heads up...

      I've found that when swapping out a stock Jackson bridge and nut for original Floyd ones, the height of the nut is taller when using a Floyd nut. You will not get that nice low action that the original nut has. When I swapped to OFR, I had two choices...use the original Jackson nut with the Original Floyd bridge, or neck alterations to lower the nut shelf. I just run with the original nut as long as it's in good condition. I'm not sure if this applies to older Jacksons, I've only done this with newer necks.
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        If you do a search, you'll find many people have ran into the nut height issues. I sand the nut down. Others take wood away.

        It puzzles me why the can make these things for certain neck widths, certain string spacings, but can't get the fucking height to be consistant.


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          Yeah I'd be tempted to take the R4 to the angle grinder rather than the router to the neck. That's a bit of an arse.
          You can't really be jealous of something you can't fathom.