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  • Duncan Custom Custom TB-11

    Has anyone had this in a Model series or a Basswood Charvel body? How did it sound to you? I am going for an 80's rock/metal tone ala Ratt as I am building a Crossed Swords tribute. My body is a Model 2 which is the single hum with only a volume pot. Probably use a chrome Floyd Special to replace the JT-6 (it's a little beat up). I may use a 1987 Maple pointy though instead of the strathead. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    I love the CC, but for a Ratt tone I usually stick with a JB. If your body was alder, it would be a no-brainer, but I'm not sure how basswood would mix with the JB.

    I have my CC in a very bright 1980s ESP Horizon, maple neck thru with either maple or alder wings (heavy), ebony fretboard too. And it's got an OFR that brighten things up yet again.

    I would suspect basswood would be less bright, so I'm not sure if the CC might sound dark or muddy.

    You'd have to try it and let us know.