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  • Soldering cluster F

    Sold a guitar that needs to have the original p'up put back in ASAP. While I successfully installed the previous p'up, I am stymied with replacing the original. The issue? I suspect I've fried the volume pot when I soldered the grounds to the bottom of it.

    Here's the beak down: single EMG HZ (passive) with one volume, no tone & no switches. Followed EMG's schematics to the letter. Had a more competent solderer overlook my handiwork and he was satisfied with my work. The only poorly done part were the grounds to the volume pot. There's quite a bit of old solder on there and I tried to remove it. I am thinking that I inadvertently fried the pot. Is this possible?

    The result was nary any sound coming out until pot was rolled to 3/4 on and the sound was shit and low volume, at that. No volume control.

    Rechecked my soldering. Everything looks solid except for the mess of solder on the bottom of the pot.


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    You can measure whether the resistance of the pot is right (i.e., whether it works) with a simple multimeter.


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      Yeah, I fried a few potentiometers from soldering wires to the back of em. That's the hardest part for me. Using flux has helped quite a bit, but it still is a pain.

      As suggested, use a multimeter to make sure the connections are working.
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        Yes Sir, very possible to cook one. I did! Check your reading with a multimeter, should confirm it is D O A.


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          I keep a stock of spare pots for exactly this eventuality.


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            SAND the back before ya start it really helps. I just snagged me a new iron, its a Hakko knock off by aoyue and its got a temp adjust. I crank that fucker up and can drop a grounding puddle on the back of a pot in about 5 seconds or so at 900 degrees. its quick enough that it doesnt smoke the pot and it bonds damn near instantly.

            I think all together with extra tips and a brass sponge pot it was like 68$ shipped 2 day rush. I got tired of cheap pen deals etc, the station with variable temp is way freakin better. I smoked many a pot with cheap deals.
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