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Tremsetter vs Tremelno : which did you end up preferring?

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  • Tremsetter vs Tremelno : which did you end up preferring?

    First off, I know they're both very different.

    What I want to know is... you've used both and you've come to like one more than the other for what reason?

    Or if you've only used one, feel free to sing praise or bark hatred at either product.

    I know I want more tuning stability and I know either can provide it differently. I've never installed or used either product, but I'm having a hard time deciding. I'll probably end up trying both, but I'd just like to hear opinions on what makes or breaks them for you.

    And if you have a different suggestion, that's fine too.

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    Is flutter out of fashion these days? Or is this for recording?

    Honestly I reckon you can't beat 5 new springs, or at least 3 decent springs in an arrow position pointing towards the headstock. Don't have problems with that set up. Never had a problem with a V trem.

    The best out of the lot for flutter and tuning stability?......Tune-O-Matic Bridge or hardtail.

    The best for rhythms? A Tom Bridge or hardtail.

    Honestly beat my dreamsicle last night and the things you can pull out of it, especially with the Duncan Distortion, you just can't get from floyded guitars. Still...wish the piece of fecking shhh grrr. would stay in tune. But it is true all the same, distortions do sound more muddy with floyded guitars IMO.

    And people mock the Blues Rock Chatter. Well its good to know that in a backhanded kind of way others are slowly conceding that it does in fact exist. Ha Ha.

    I've never used either, but looking at the design I would lean towards Option 1...if I had a loaded gun to my head.
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        I use Hipshot Tremsetter in all my Floyd guitars. It's hard to in stall. It's difficult to set up. And you HAVE to use the exact brand and gauge of strings (or readjust). But it works and you can bend up or down not like the blocker types. No flutter or string sage on open strings when bending others. The worst part is drilling a hole in the guitar behind the springs. I'd love to find something simpler that WORKS ....


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          Originally posted by ginsambo View Post
          Honestly beat my dreamsicle last night and the things you can pull out of it
          I hope this is about a guitar!!!

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            I just put a screw in the trem cavity under the back edge of the trem plate and adjust it up to have the trem rest on it. It's a dive only setup but I can quickly switch back and forth between standard and drop D quickly and if I break a string on stage I can keep playing to the end of the song before I have to change guitars. It's a cheap way to go but it works. I've looked at both of the trem lockers you posted and they are cool but I don't have any expierience with either one.
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              I ended up buying two ESP Arming Adjusters off ebay. They seem to be what I want, a nice high quality unit that's simple but well designed. Adjusting it for just the right bit of tuning stability and keeping the trem level where I want but still being able to pull up took a bit of trial and error testing. Drilling was the hardest part. After installing it, I had to figure it out myself as all the instructions are in Japanese. Took almost two hours to measure, drill, install and set it up to where I was happy with it. I could probably do the second one in about 45 minutes without rushing.
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