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  • New Fender Tonemasters

    What is your opinion on Fender's new Tonemaster Twin and Deluxe Reverb digital modeling amps? I know they aren't out the door yet, but at $800 and $900, WTF?

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    They’re cloning themselves!!

    Anyway, if the sampling of the original amp is good, the offer is an amp with the same voice, at a half of the weight and half of the price.

    Plus, the possibility to reduce the output power and the cab simulation.

    As a lover of that kind of sounds and guitars too, in my opinion the idea is interesting, for sure I’ll try them whenever they’ll arrive in the shops.

    I would have chosen to clone the Bassman rather than the Deluxe just to get started with this new concept

    But if these two are successful, I bet in the future it will arrive the Bassman too.

    ….I’m curious...