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1990 Rhoads Custom Shop trem cavity specs list

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  • 1990 Rhoads Custom Shop trem cavity specs list

    Couple of odd questions. So from what I've found looking around on the www, from 1988ish to about 1994 or 95, the custom shop listed some specs (w.o.#, due date, neck color, body color, logo, graphic option, inspection) in the trem cavity of custom guitars with the Floyd option or on the neck of custom bolt-ons. I've got a 1990 Rhoads Custom Shop with a jt590 trem. It has the spec list in the trem cavity but the only thing filled out is the work order number and there appears to be some initials (M I G?) in the top right corner. Would anyone know how often they would send one out to a customer without filling it out? While looking at another '89 Jackson Rhoads that sold on Reverb, I noticed there were the same initials on the hang tag written the same, minus the middle initial (M G). Is it farfetched to say this was an employee's personally built guitar? Or even an artists custom guitar?(unrealistic I know). Am I digging too deep? lol. It won't let me attach pics for some reason so this link is to them.

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    Also, I'm aware that they began the production "USA Series" with "UO" serial numbers in 1990. At and after this point, only custom RRs were stamped with "RR" serial numbers. This is not a "UO" USA Series, it is indeed an "RR" custom shop guitar. In 1990, there were 136 guitars stamped "RR". 50 out of these 136 were painted with a bolted steel graphic, had a "limited edition 1990" inlay on the 12th fret, and were sent to Germany to be sold as limited edition pieces. That leaves 86 that were actually ordered to custom specs. This is one of those 86. Every year after 1990, until the buyout, there were only 15-20 Randy Rhoads guitars stamped with an "RR" serial number (custom guitars). I assume most people opted for the USA Series cause they were a little less expensive. I'm 100% sure I'm not schooling anybody here, I'm just explaining in detail what I've found about this guitar.
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      There's really no reason to fill out the info in the cavity if it isn't anything special. And sometimes it isn't about not filling it out, but sometimes it just disappeared over the years.
      MIG and MG are most likely the initials of someone. Could be the same person, could be different people. It could also just as easily be a color - Military Green.


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        Looks green from my flash and the green bedspread. Guitar is indeed black.
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          Yeah that's cool, I know it's not important. I've just never seen one not filled out and I'm really just curious about my guitar. It's pretty cool when you can find some interesting history.