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Jackon bolt on 1990 single knob, is there correct ??

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  • Jackon bolt on 1990 single knob, is there correct ??

    I'm negotiating a Jackson DK1 HH... But I've never seen one like this
    Its serial number is 000808, so checking the serials at jacksonguitars website I presume it's a 1990 bolt on instead a Custom Shop...
    But I've never heard about a bolt on with a single knob and toggle switch.

    Is there correct, or some kind of fake body ? Can anyone help, please!

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    Dude, I have a 1 pickup with 3 knobs and it requires two 9-volt batteries.
    Why wouldn't there be a 2H with 1 knob?


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      Looks more like a Jackson fusion HH with that cut out of the lower horn.


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        That serial # is not for a USA bolt-on and definitely not from a custom shop. Seems like an import serial # to me. I have both a 1989 USA DK as well as a 2018 USA DK. Both have 4 digit serial numbers.

        Negotiate for Japanese made Jackson, not a USA made.