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Jackson King V custom shop?

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  • Jackson King V custom shop?

    I have a 1993 King V with a J serial number stamp.There is no custom shop on the headstock. I was wondering why this is or how can I find out more info on this specific guitar. i already looked on the Jackson website and says it was made in 1993

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    many custom shop jacksons dont have the word custom shop on the headstock...the proliferation of that came more recently than 93...d.m.


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      Check this out (lower right corner):

      You can opt out of having the CS logo on yout guitar.


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        I'm rusty, is there a spec(s) that'd make it a CS?
        As mentioned, you can opt out, the logo came later than '93 according to what I've gathered
        and there's always possibility of human error if it should've gotten a Uxxxxx serial.
        96xxxxx, 97xxxxx and 98xxxxx serials oftentimes don't indicate '96, '97 and '98.


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          It seems to have 4 pots and EMGs - those don't sound like run-of-the-mill KV2 specs to me... But those details could be user mods... Maybe fretsize? I believe the KV2 should have medium frets. But again, since 1993 it might've been re-fretted so those measurements do not mean anything either... Have you tried customer support? They should have some records...


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            Wonder what type of wood it is? Maybe it's mahogany instead of alder. That and the control layout would make it a CS guitar.


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              Jackson customer support told me to come to this forum lol.They said records prior to 2002 are limited. I've heard from people that the custom shop logo didn't come till later years.I myself think it is looking at the pots and toggle switch instead of the usual blade switch. Also has jumbo frets instead of the usual medium frets