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Changing bridge pickup in a PC-1

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  • Changing bridge pickup in a PC-1

    Haven't logged in here for a while, struggling to figure out this new look! I KNOW this topic has been covered before on here but can't find it after searching, sorry.

    I like my PC-1 a lot, but I really don't like how harsh the Super 3 is. It's way too trebly for me. I would like to swap it out for something else but I'm worried about damaging the sustainer.
    If I'm ONLY swapping the bridge pickup is it just like changing a pickup in any other guitar?
    Also, I prefer Seymour Duncans to DiMarzios, am I going to run into irritating phase issues because of the different wiring colours?!

    The PC-1 is my most expensive guitar but I find myself not playing it too often because I MUCH prefer the tone of my Gibson Les Paul or SG, Ibanez Jem Jr (with Duncan JB) or KEXTMG, all of which sound fatter and fuller with better string separation.


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    If you want a dark theme for the forum, scroll down to the bottom left. There's a drop-down menu that might say Default vB5 Style or JCF Red. Switch it to JCF Classic and you'll have the dark theme again.

    Funny you mention the Super 3 is trebly. It's supposed to have chopped treble.

    Think of the Super 3™ as a Super Distortion® with more mid-range grind and chopped treble. If you play your amp with scooped mids and intense overdrive, this is your pickup. The Super 3™ pickup’s smooth highs allow you to turn up your amp's treble and presence without fear of thinning out your sound, and the crunchy mids ensure you won't get lost in the mix. It's also a great pickup to use with distortion pedals — it drives them hard and allows full use of their tone controls.
    Finally, here's a color code diagram for wiring that may help when you switch between pickup brands.


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      Thanks mate, back in black, much better!

      Yeah, I dunno about that tonal description. Our ears are different, but to me the Super 3 lacks the fatness of a regular Super Distortion. Maybe it's the circuit in the sustainer that's cutting the lows and mids so it sounds that way to me. That is a little worrying as it would suggest the same thing will happen no matter which pickup I fit in the bridge!



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        here's a video of someone comparing a super 3 and a super distortion

        I wonder if you could take the batteries out to make sure the sustainer wasn't coloring the bridge pickup's sound.

        also here's a supposed wiring diagram for the sustainer:


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          The sustainer will color any pickup you put in there, so keep that in mind. Pulling the batteries will not help as the 5-way is wired through the board.
          I personally don't mind the Super 3 in a normal guitar, but in the PC1, it loses something.
          I switched to an Evo in one and that really fattened it up nicely.

          Here is the correct wiring diagram for the PC-1

          PC-1 WIring Diagram.jpg


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            Thanks metalhobo and Rick! I will probably just cut the wire for the Super 3 and splice in the Custom Custom I've bought. I know purists hate that but I like to keep it simple especially with something like this.
            I don't know what it is with the PC-1, I feel like I have more fun playing my cheap Jem Jr - that guitar is insane for the money (put a JB in it too although the stock pickup was cool). And none of them kick you in the fucking balls the way the Les Paul does. I guess I'm just getting old!



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              Custom Custom is a great pickup. Had on in my RG560 for years. Went back to DiMarzios last year. Put an Evo in the bridge and then an HS-2 in the middle and neck.
              Curious how that will sound in a PC-1.

              I still play my stock 04' PC-1 almost daily.